Digital Factory

iot smart technology futuristic in industry 4.0 concept, engineer use augmented mixed virtual reality to education and training, repairs and maintenance, sales, product and site design, and more.
Industry 4.0 and Augmented reality for industry concept. Hand holding tablet with A/R maintenance application on screen to identify machine part repair with refrigeration container.
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We offer the latest in many digital factory initiatives such as-

  • Tracking the movement and condition of materials, products, and equipment throughout the facility
  • Downtime Tracking Systems
  • On and Offline Training programs
  • Identifying equipment performance variances
  • Digital Quality Assurance
  • Analytics-driven insights

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We can create customized Smart Work Instructions using Augmented Reality and other XR experiences that can be deployed on the Microsoft Hololens & iPad/Android Tablets. Some other AR capabilities include-

  • Digital Twin models that can offer real-time information and collaboration potential with its physical correspondent.
  • Remote Assistance to connect workers with the experts that can provide them with the information and answers that they need exactly at the time and place that they need it.
  • Team collaborations involving 3d models of the assets that will be discussed and digital replications of the meeting participants.

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Our team has knowledge and experience of the latest in Industry 4.0 technology.   These new solutions are providing ways to improve factory KPIs in ways that were never before possible.  Industry 4.0 technology can be used to facilitate the shift from using resources for corrective action to fix a problem to predictive maintenance which catches machine anomalies and other downtime causing problems before they occur.  This improves machine efficiency, output and up time. Some of the key methods that this can be accomplished are by generating cloud based dashboards which provide management with real time actionable data and converting your current asset documentation into a digital format and delivering it to your workers in a just in time manner that can significantly improve productivity and efficiency, reduce downtime and standardize your work instructions.