Digital Factory

Remote Assistance

Connect with an expert either on or off site when there is a problem that you need assistance to solve.  This technology can significantly improve uptime and slash the time and costs associated with problems that may occur in your facility.  Issues that could take hours or days to correct can now be solved in minutes.

Smart Work Instructions

Smart Work Instructions have tremendous ability to provide real time data and guidance to workers exactly where and when they need it.  This technology which can be viewed through AR glasses such as the MIcrosoft Hololens or tablets such as an iPad can significantly improve training time and effectiveness.

Digital Asset Placement

Use AR to place the digital twin of your asset in the exact location in your facility that it will go to verify that everything is in place and lined up properly.  This can also be used as a training and collaboration tool to demonstrate the future capabilities and workflow.

"Online Asset Training"

Use the Microsoft Hololens or other Smart Glasses to create training or troubleshooting content that can be placed on top of the equipment in your manufacturing facility to guide your employees' hands to the exact location and information that they need.

"Offline Asset" Training

Sometimes it is beneficial for an employee to have instructions  for a particular activity in a designated training room and away from the manufacturing floor.  This way they will be prepared for the task without the potential issues that could be caused by attempting to learn in an live environment.  This can lead to a significant reduction in the time it takes to onboard a new employee.

Downtime Tracking Systems

If you’re tracking downtime manually, let the Pinney Group do the work for you. We can provide real-time data and reporting that can help your company reduce downtime, increase efficiency and meet production goals.  Know whether your lines are running, how efficiently and exactly how to reduce production downtime.  This will provide you with real time data that will track your production line efficiency in real-time and analyze trends according to shift, line or even SKU.

Custom Software Builds

QR Code Creation Software

QR Codes can be very effective to store information that can be valuable for product indentification.  This program was custom built for a customer and was designed for ease of use, error proofing and audit-ability.  All of the information needed was encoded along with a human readable section that makes sorting even easier.

Asset Tracking Software

This program was designed to track products and material as it is moved around inside of a facility.  It is a web based, device agnostic program that allows easy labeling and management capability from any internet connected device.  The data is fed to a cloud server and displayed on a dashboard that provides management with real time, actionable data that can improve efficiency and reduce waste.

Current and past customers include-