core Comp

   Project Management

  • Full Project Management Services
  • Manage food/beverage/consumer goods projects and bridge the gap between engineering and operations
  • Early management to develop concepts with manufacturing group involvement
  • Project concept development, charter development with estimating and ROI services.
  • Minimal Capital Ways of Working Projects
  • Innovation projects for packaging or product handling
  • Develop 3 yr. Capital/Manufacturing Strategy
  • Large Turn-Key Capex Projects
  • Complete Industry 4.0 products and services
  • Greenfield/Brownfield Sites
  • Full Purchasing Services with Coupa/Ariba/SAP experience


  • Project Management experience in a wide variety of industries with ventures up to $ 250 Million
  • Full Service Industry 4.0 and Augmented Reality resources and expertise
  • Full Service Packaging engineering with more than 30 years packaging experience in all Food, Liquid and Beverage industries.
  • Electrical and Controls Engineering with more than 20 years experience.
  • Wide Variety of Electrical and Controls Engineering Packages
  • Broad Based Process engineering with more than 20 years process experience.

Process and Packaging Engineering

  • Process and Packaging engineering in bottling/canning carbonated, still, ambient fill and hot fill liquids.
  • Process and packaging engineering in the flexible packaging equipment industry.
  • Process and packaging engineering in the margarine, spreads, sauces, condiments and dressing industry
  • Process and Packaging engineering in confections

Operational Consulting

  • Complete Operations management consulting
  • Specialization areas of expertise around PSM, safety, construction management, utility optimization, sustainability projects, production line optimization, changeover time reduction, root cause analysis, and overall efficiency improvement.
  • Maintenance Consulting to develop world class maintenance organizations
  • WCM/TPM Consulting specializing in AM, FI and PM pillars

Maintenance Consulting

  • World Class Development of Maintenance Systems
  • Assessment of equipment and development of cost effective preventative maintenance programs.
  • Maintenance systems using Infor, SAP, Megamation and other specific software programs.
  • Full rebuild of equipment for Overhauls and Preventative Maintenance.
  • Development of spare parts programs and maintenance processes.


Preliminary Engineering
Detailed Engineering
Construction Installation
Start-Up CQV
Project Close
  • Budget +/-30%
  • Business Case
  • Capacity / Volume Analysis
  • Labor Impact Risk Assessment
  • Scope Definition
  • Assumptions list
  • Resource plan
  • Milestone Timeline
  • Conceptual Engineering
Preliminary Engineering
  • Executive Summary Complete
  • Budget (+/- 10%)
  • Business Case Refined
  • MS Project Schedule
  • DCF complete
  • Risk Mitigation Plan Approved
  • KPIs
  • PPP Approved
Detailed Engineering
  • Specs Complete to plant standards
  • EEM Team Approval of Purchase
  • FAT/SAT Approval
  • Bids or Competitive Quotes
  • Purchase Request sent to Eng. Mgr.
Construction Installation
  • Planning approval if downtime
  • FAT Comp.
  • Preinstall Checklist
  • Quality approval on plan
  • Safety Process approved.
  • Safety Audit
  • Quality Audit
  • EEM Team Audit
  • Critical Punchlist Complete
Start-Up CQV


  • IO Check
  • Safety Check
  • CIP Qual. Quality App.
  • Commission Product

  -New R+D

  -Exist Qual.


  • Run 24 hrs at rate
  • Labor KPI met.
  • CO/CIP KPI met


  • 3-6month review
Project Close
  • All Purchase orders Closed
  • Invoices Paid
  • Assets Tagged
  • Docs Transmitted to Factory
  • Final Drawings
  • Full Punchlist complete

Current-Past Customers: Upfield, Nestle, Unilever, Guiness, Blendtech
Team Experience: Unilever, Upfield, Ocean Spray, Campbell’s Soup, and Nestle Confection and Beverages

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